Apply to become a retail partner NOW!
We offer you as a dealer:

- Business support and the possibility for long-term prosperity and relationships.

- Co-operation without competition – we will never sell directly to end users.

- Marketing material such as catalogs, graphical originals, etc.

- Personal contact with a sales representative.

- Unique design with trademark protection.

- Warehouse with fast and accurate deliveries due to in-house production.

- Continuous product development with ethical and environmental responsibility.
We look for people and businesses who:

- Are ambitious with the desire to help us deliver exceptional sound to consumers.

- Well-established within high-end AV or premium consumer electronic stores.

- Experienced with strong regional and local marketing knowledge.

- Promote our products actively.

- Have demo products for real-life demonstrations.

- Follow our graphical profile when marketing our products.

- Offer products of reputable brands.
If you seek to apply or want a demo for a real-life demonstration, please contact
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