FENJA is not just a speaker 
but a true star in sound reproduction.

You need to hear it for yourself. 
In Nordic methodology, Fenja is said to hold immense power. The power of our Fenja lies in its performance, design, quality, and sound reproduction.

With a unique combination of advanced technology and top-end components, Fenja is designed to deliver recordings closest to what the artist intended them to be heard. Even the most demanding.

Fenja is designed with a phase-controlled crossover with discrete time delay, ensuring precise and coherent sound reproduction. Its filter utilizes only the finest components, including the best zero-ohm coils and capacitors available.

Fenja offers a completely linear frequency response without any peaks, recreating live concert experiences with incredible realism. For those who appreciate musical enjoyment and strive for the best audio experience, Fenja is an unavoidable investment.

The Highest Quality

In-house production in Denmark at our BEAUTIFUL island, Bornholm. 
The cabinets are fabricated using a 5-layer solid tiger bamboo extreme (26mm). By mixing carbonized and natural bamboo strips, each panel is unique, securing each customer with a pair of speakers that are one of a kind.

Tiger bamboo extreme is a premium material for several reasons: it offers a more environmentally friendly choice due to its rapid renewability. It provides exceptional strength and durability, comparable to the strongest hardwoods, ensuring long-lasting speaker cabinets. Its excellent acoustic properties enhance sound quality by reducing unwanted vibrations and resonance, while its unique aesthetic appeal adds elegance with a distinctive striped pattern.

The front baffles are made from aircraft aluminum produced on 5-axis CNC machines and are designed with a distinct pattern to minimize reflections for optimal sound reproduction.

Aircraft aluminum is a premium material that enhances the structural integrity and longevity of our speakers, providing unmatched reliability.

Our choice of materials secures that we can deliver Sound That Matters. 

Top End Components

Low frequencies are delivered by four specially made 7-inch woofers and a 5-inch midrange driver all by SEAS. The highest frequencies are handled by two SB tweeters. One is positioned at the front and one at the back, which can be turned on/off as desired.

Ready to Connect

With terminals from WBT and internal wiring from Van den Hul in a special hybrid configuration of pure copper and silver plating, Fenja ensures unparalleled signal processing and minimal signal degradation.

Specifications FENJA

Terminology: 3-way passive loudspeaker

Dimensions (cm): 24 W x 124 H x 60 D 

Weight (kg): 58

Placement from the wall (cm): 60 - 120

Recommended room size (kvm2): 30 - 50 

The recommended power amplifier: 100 - 300 watts

Sensitivity: 90.7 dB

Nominal average impedance: 4 ohm

Frequency: 11.8 Hz - 38 kHz


Finish (aluminum): metallic matte black or natural aluminum

Finish (bamboo): gloss or matte clearcoat

Customization (bamboo): black-toned tinted clearcoat
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