Combining Beauty, with Power
Our most extremely accomplished bookshelf loudspeaker.
Bringing impressive bass and sound clarity, this speaker is for everyone whose budget and audio aspirations exceed their living space limitations. 

We believe it is fair to say that this speaker has no equal when it comes to size, sound, and design.

We follow our motto: Sound That Matters, ensuring pure audio quality. Inside the speakers are the crossover components Miflex and Jantzen 3mm coils, Van den Hul hybrid internal wiring, and WBT terminals. 

We see an opportunity to enhance sound quality where others cut costs.
Press-release: FRIDA

The crossover is a 12 dB Linkwitz/Riley with incorporated T.I.M. reduction circuits 2750 Hz 12 dB per octave.

Miflex and Jantzen 3mm coils, Can den Hul hybrid internal wiring, and WBT terminals.

The tweeter is a 38 mm ring radiator selected to reproduce overtones freely, detailed, with very high resolution, and no tendency for intrusive resonances.

For the mid and low frequencies, we use a 5-inch woven mineral cone with excellent internal damping and extremely linear frequency response.

The optimized center bullet reduces compression due to temperature variations in the voice coil.

The lower suspension reduces sound reflection air flow noise and keeps cavity resonance to a minimum.

Connectors are gold-plated binding post / 4 mm plugs.

The recommended power amplifier:

30 - 200 watts

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Nominal average impedance: 6-8 ohm

Frequency: 32 Hz - 38 kHz
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